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Raouf Riahi


Aktueller Arbeitgeber: N/A
Stadt: Ariana
Provinz / Bundesland / Region: Ariana
Land: Tunisia

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An experienced business continuity and resilience consultant, with a strong security and crisis management background in both military and civil environments. Raouf has a proven experience working in high-risk environments with a strong leadership and communication skills, and a unique way of solving problems and building teamwork capacities. He has a distinguished experience in developing policies, plans, and procedures in the security, safety, crisis and emergency management, business continuity and organizational resilience in a variety of industrial and business sectors. During his career, he could work with different partners in the USA, France, Italy, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Benin, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, and other countries. This included several sectors such as government, military, maritime and port authorities, Oil and Gaz, NGOs, International organisations, education, health, social security, insurance, and financial fields. Raouf is a highly effective communicator, briefing at senior government level, as well as to Ambassadors and COPs on a range of business continuity, risk management, crisis management and security issues, as well as dealing with the international media. Considerable experience working directly with CEOs and other industry leaders, supporting business goals and operational planning. Able to balance tact and diplomacy with frank and forthright assessments; engendering a collaborative approach to gain buy-in at all levels. A Member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), PECB ISO 22301 Senior Lead Implementer and certifed trainer, winner of the BCI Africa awards 2021, a BCI Approved Instructor (PANTA RAY) and is also an approved instructor at the National Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Promotion (CNFCPP) in Tunisia. Vice Chair of the BCI North and West Africa Chapter and member of the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP). Speaker at the national and international levels, and this includes the BCI World Horizons international Conference 2021, The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), universities and schools, mainly on business continuity and crisis management. Author of more than 15 articles (published on LinkedIn) mainly on business continuity and resilience. Raouf is supporting an important Business Continuity project with an international NGO in West Africa, including the development of policies, plans and protocols for the organisation, but also preparing a Business Continuity Guide for more than 30 Social Protection Organisations spread over more than 17 countries. Raouf is also leading a team of different international experts to hold a series of training sessions at different levels. This includes a Minister Council, leaders at the high governmental levels, General Directors, Directors, Managers, and staff. The training includes Business Continuity principles, methodology, crisis management, security risk management, developing policies and plans aligned to international standards and best practices, conducting exercises and simulations according to ISO 22398, ISO 22301 implementing, Conducting Business Impact Analysis according to ISO 22317, requirements for Incident response (ISO 22320), organizational resilience aligned to ISO 22316, people aspects of business continuity for NGOs,  Community resilience — supporting vulnerable persons in an emergency, and guidance for crisis management as cited in BS11200:2014.

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