The Importance of Risk Assessment Methods - Francis Van Der Staey

Risk assessment has become an integral part of risk management process and fundamental requirement for businesses. It is essential to know the extent of risk in order to solve risk and risk events. To get a better insight into this, watch the video of Francis Van Der Staey and understand the importance of risk assessment methods in defining company objectives.

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Computer Forensics, A Prerequisite for Repelling Cybercrimes in your Organization
IT Security 2017.01.26

Why is security the fundamental component for the protection of organization's integrity? Accordingly, the major challenge in today’s world of the organization is the lack of an adequate security framework which will ensure the establishment of a secure business environment. A large number of organizations have reported being vulnerable to insider cyber threats and an increase of data breach from their employees. Henceforth, with Computer Forensics as a system of investigation and analysis, organizations will be able to identify potential threats and provide training to the employees, in order to maintain the integrity and business culture of the organization.

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How to integrate ISO/IEC 27032 Cybersecurity on ISMS?
IT Security 2016.12.15

ISO 27032 does not introduce entirely new concepts pertaining to information security but clarifies in which areas the adjustments need to be made to your existing ISMS. This article highlights the most important fields where the necessary changes need to be made. It is highly important that Cybersecurity guidelines to be in the same line with ISMS implementation. Otherwise, it cannot be allude that ISMS is giving the best output that it actually should.

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Be prepared for the unexpected with a Business Continuity Plan

Being prepared to protect your organization from the impact of possible crises, it is an important step that each organization should take. Therefore, it is essential to have a detailed plan in place that allows you to recover quickly from disruptions and continue business operations without facing massive impacts such as financial loss and reputational damage. Business Continuity Plan ensures that your organization has the resources needed to handle disruptive events such as natural disaster, theft, fire, data loss etc.

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How to choose an effective IT service management?

Get insightful information about the methods on how to improve IT Service Delivery and learn the similarities and the differences between ISO 20000 and ITIL.

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Integrating ISO 37001 with other Management Systems

Large organizations require particular solutions and results to meet their long-term business needs. Integrating ISO 37001 with any other management system would be easier if the organization has gone under detailed practices and fulfilled requirements as required by ISO standards. In order to integrate ISO 37001 with an existing management system in an organization, it is needed to consider ISO 37001 requirements and update what has already been implemented. Consequently, the organization will have long term advantages and will save time if they have accurately acknowledged the applicable parts of integrating two management systems.

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Key Steps for an Effective ISO 27001 Risk Assessment and Treatment

In view of the developments that have occurred in the processing, storage and sharing of information; security has become an important aspect of an organization.

It has become more imperative for an organization to understand the various threats and risks facing them as they seek to protect their information. The rapid development of new technologies and communication has led organizations to the realization that implementing Information Security Management System (ISMS) in their organizations is necessary.

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Key steps in ISO 27001 certification process

What is the most important step/factor that a company should consider while implementing ISO 27001? Is it important to engage a Certification Body in early stages of the process? How can you involve staff members outside IT department in the implementation? To get your questions answered please watch the video of Musa Wesutsa who is a Certified PECB Trainer and trains mainly ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Auditor.

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Risk Management, A Key Tool To Power Up Tax Functions

Tax departments are evaluated and measured on tax compliance, tax optimization and how well they manage risk. The assessments of these measures play a great role to companies, as they distinguish the potential reputation and broader risks that tax can administer to a corporation. The tax function of the future comparing to today’s will appear amazingly different, considering the progression of technology, information, and critical capabilities. Tax risk management is a key performance measure of a business’ risk management policy as well as being part of a tax strategy.

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Understanding the complexity of the Cynefin Framework

The video introduces the Cynefin Framework which defines an organization and puts it into four quadrants; the obvious, the complicated, the complex and chaotic domains, putting in the middle disorder. Cynefin framework helps executives make better decisions by assessing the situation they find their self in.

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