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Violation of PECB Brand and Fraud Reporting Policy

Disclaimer: The term “certified” shall only be used for personnel certifications, based on ISO/IEC 17024 requirements. The term “certificate holder” shall only be used for certificate programs, based on ASTM E2659 requirements. Certificate holders are not certified, licensed, accredited, or registered to engage in a specific occupation or profession.

The Violation of PECB Brand and Fraud Reporting Policy is established to facilitate the development of controls that will help in the detection and prevention of fraud against PECB Inc.

The integrity and value of PECB certifications involve the passing of exams by demonstrating independence and ethical pursuit in doing so. Here at PECB, we share core values and beliefs in that not only PECB certifications but each certification is a privilege in itself that must be earned and maintained legitimately.

We constantly work to ensure that we deliver the highest caliber exams and training courses and we deem it vital to protect their validity, value, integrity, and restricted use. For this purpose, we have numerous policies and procedures in place that outline the responsibilities of each candidate and the consequences of violating these policies. 

PECB credentials are globally recognized as achievement that confirm knowledge, validate competence and experience, and add value to the individual and society as a whole. Our exams, training courses, and certifications are considered PECB’s intellectual property and as such are protected by copyright laws. We do not tolerate activities that aim to diminish the value of our exams, training courses, and credentials including those that constitute fraudulent or criminal practices, and we take actions to eliminate any activities that hamper the ethical pursuit of the PECB credentials. Thus, if irregularities are discovered, PECB takes steps for resolution including suspension of exam activities or decertification if warranted. To further defend the professionalism and the integrity of our credentials, all our candidates are required to adhere to the PECB Code of Ethics.

Training Courses 

PECB training courses are provided worldwide only through our authorized partners. You can access the list of our training courses here.


The following are the only official web pages for scheduling and taking an exam with PECB:

Certification of Individuals

All candidates who take a PECB exam will receive the results directly from the PECB examination department. Any other form of notification, announcement, or confirmation is not valid. All candidates can verify if their certificates are valid here.


PECB training courses are provided worldwide through our authorized partners. You can access the list of our partners here.


PECB training courses are delivered worldwide only through PECB Certified Trainers. You can access the list of PECB Certified Trainers here.

Websites that Are Not Authorized to Use, Sell, or Promote PECB Products and Services

PECB wants to notify that it came to our attention that several companies/individuals worldwide are issuing unauthorized PECB certifications to their clients, including the following:

Certifications promoted by these companies/individuals are not authorized and are a false representation of PECB. PECB is not affiliated with them, and they are not authorized to issue any PECB certificate, nor are they authorized to use our training courses or exams. We have legal steps ongoing with the aforementioned companies/individuals.

Note: The use of personal data by PECB is governed by the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), and other national privacy legislation that offer the same level of data protection as the GDPR. Data is collected for specific purposes, limited in scope, and kept accurate and up-to-date. PECB maintains data only for necessary periods (depending on internal or legal requirements) after that it will be distracted or deleted, and handled with appropriate security and confidentiality.. PECB collects and uses the information as disclosed in the following PECB Privacy Statement | PECB


Submit a Fraud Report

Please fill out this fraud report form to report allegations of fraud concerning PECB products and services, by downloading the form below, and send it back to

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