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ISO 55001 Asset Management Trainings

What is ISO 55001?

ISO 55001 specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an asset management system that manages the lifecycle of assets in the organization, no matter the type of the asset held.  It is intended to be used by those involved in the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of an Asset Management System and can be applied to all types of assets by all types and sizes of organizations.

Through good asset management business objectives can be achieved to their maximum potential, along with a significant increase of customer and stakeholder satisfaction and confidence. Certainly, it is becoming more important than ever to have a mutual asset management language for enhanced communication throughout the organization. Thus, harmonized implementation strategies will result in greater improvements and increased productivity and returns.

Why Asset Management is important for you?

ISO 55001 will guide you toward significant asset management improvements by enabling you to meet the stakeholder, business and legal requirements. It is the company’s most potent defense for saving money and time. By managing the assets properly you will be able to use your available assets wisely and get more out of their utilization while delivering added value to the business.

It is designed to support you in the proper handling of processes and risks, which will lead to the improvement of current and future company performance. Moreover, the implementation of an Asset Management System that complies with ISO 55001 enables the organization to align its objectives with asset management system objectives which leads the organization towards achieving its intended outcomes.  Moreover, ISO 55001 aligns the organization’s objectives with asset management objectives since the purpose of asset management is achieving organizational objectives.  

Benefits of ISO 55001 Asset Management

PECB ISO 50001 Certified individuals will have the opportunity to gain many benefits, but not limited to:

  • Development of viable and predictable cash flows
  • Ability to manage asset’s lifecycle
  • Ability to ensure that assets fulfill their necessary function
  • Support improvement and business growth
  • Support an organization during the process of establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving  an Asset Management System
  • Increase profitability
  • Manage risk related to asset ownership
  • Enhance  brand reputation

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How do I get started with ISO 55001 Training Courses?

Are you seeking to advance in your career and become certified against ISO 55001?

To improve the returned value of the organization, we encourage you to become familiar with ISO 55001 concepts and processes. Our experts are here to guide you through the options tailored to your needs.

Contact us to start with the first step

PECB Certified ISO 55001 Training courses available

Learn more about Asset Management through the PECB ISO 55001 training courses. Contact us today to learn how this standard can lead you towards a successful project implementation with regard to asset management. Check below to find the training that suits you best.

ISO 55001 Introduction Training

Introduction to Asset Management Systems (AMS) based on ISO 55001

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PECB Certified ISO 55001 Foundation- Training, Examination, and Certification

Become acquainted with the best practices of Asset Management Systems (AMS) based on ISO 55001

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PECB Certified ISO 55001 Lead Implementer– Training, Examination, and Certification

Master the implementation and management of Asset Management Systems (AMS) based on ISO 55001

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PECB Certified ISO 55001 Lead Auditor – Training, Examination and Certification

Master the Audit of Asset Management Systems (AMS) based on ISO 55001

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