Certification Mark Use Policy

Disclaimer: The term “certified” shall only be used for personnel certifications, based on ISO/IEC 17024 requirements. The term “certificate holder” shall only be used for certificate programs, based on ASTM E2659 requirements. Certificate holders are not certified, licensed, accredited, or registered to engage in a specific occupation or profession.

1. Purpose

This Policy establishes requirements for use of all PECB Trademarks and Certification Marks/Certificate Program Mark Use.

2. PECB Certification Mark Ownership

The following organizational trademark is owned and controlled by PECB:




3. Authorized Use of PECB Certification/Certificate Program Mark

PECB grants permission to use the PECB Certification/Certificate Program Marks to PECB certified professionals and certificate holders that have satisfied all applicable PECB credentialing, certification and certificate program requirements. Each PECB certified professional and certificate holder is authorized to use only the Certification/Certificate Program Mark which represents the appropriate certification, credential and certificate program.

Each PECB certified professional and certificate holder may use the appropriate PECB Certification/Certificate Program Mark in professional and business materials such as business cards and email signatures.

Non-Assignability and Non-Transferability

Permission to use the Certification/Certificate Program Mark is limited to the certified person and certificate holder, and shall not be transferred to, assigned to, or otherwise used by any other individual, organization, or entity.

4. PECB Certification/Certificate Program Mark Use Policy Violation Reporting

Following receipt of information that an inappropriate or unauthorized use of the Certification/Certificate Program Mark may have occurred; PECB will determine if responsive action(s) will be taken, including the following:

  1. The alleged inappropriate or unauthorized Mark use will be reviewed.
  2. If a Policy violation may have occurred, PECB shall communicate to the individual(s) and/or organization(s) involved, requesting that they cease the unauthorized use.
  3. If the Policy violation is not corrected, appropriate legal actions or sanctions shall be taken, including certification suspension or revocation or certificate invalidation.n