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EBIOS — Training Course

What is EBIOS?

EBIOS (Expression des Besoins et Identification des Objectifs de Sécurité) is a risk assessment tool developed by the French Central Information Systems Security Division to assess and treat risks within an information system. Although it can be applied to different fields, EBIOS is mainly used to manage information security risks, privacy risks, critical infrastructures, and the ergonomics of working tools. As a risk management approach, EBIOS helps to identify, analyze, assess, and treat risks in the continual improvement framework.  

EBIOS approach consists of an iterative cycle of five phases, also known as workshops: security frame and base, sources of risks, strategic scenarios, operational scenarios, and risk treatment.

Why is EBIOS important for you?

As the security of information systems can be effectively addressed using risk-based approaches, the usage of the EBIOS method can significantly reduce losses within an organization. It can be used to develop a complete study of the organization’s information system, adapted to the organization’s context. 

The PECB EBIOS training courses provide a comprehensive set of guides dedicated to information system risk management. Furthermore, they equip you with a consistent and high-level approach to risk. In obtaining the PECB Certified EBIOS Risk Manager credential, you can prove your practical knowledge and professional capabilities to support an organization in carrying out and monitoring risk analyses. 

PECB EBIOS Risk Manager certification benefits

A PECB EBIOS Risk Manager certificate will prove that you have:

  • Understood the concepts and basic principles of risk management associated with the use of the EBIOS method 
  • Obtained the skills needed to perform a risk assessment with the EBIOS technique
  • Gained the necessary skills to manage security risks of an organization’s information systems
  • Developed the necessary skills to analyze and communicate the results of an EBIOS approach 

How do I get started with EBIOS Risk Manager training?

PECB experts are more than willing to help you with the certification process and obtaining a PECB Certified EBIOS Risk Manager credential.

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Why choose PECB for EBIOS Risk Manager certification?

PECB certifications in information security are internationally recognized and accredited by top relevant authorities. Considering the reputation and recognition that PECB holds, PECB EBIOS Risk Manager certification will provide professionals with opportunities for a successful career in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most in-demand industries. 

PECB Certified EBIOS Risk Manager training courses available

Learn more about EBIOS by attending the PECB EBIOS training courses. Below you can find the training that best suits you.