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Exam Rules and Policies


Register for a Certification Exam

1. Prepare and Schedule the Exam

PECB is a certification body which provides education and certification¹ in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 for individuals on a wide range of disciplines. 

Our training services are provided globally through our Resellers.

To schedule PECB certification exams, candidates have two options:

  1. Contact one of the PECB resellers who provide training courses and exam sessions. To find a training course provider in a particular region, candidates should go to Active Resellers. The PECB training course schedules are available on Training Events.
  2. Take a PECB exam remotely from their home or any location they desire through the PECB Exam application, which can be accessed here: Exam Events.

Candidates are responsible for their own studying and preparation for certification exams. No specific set of training courses or curriculum of study is required as part of the certification process. Nevertheless, attending a training course can significantly increase the chances of successfully passing a PECB exam.

To ensure equal opportunities for all qualified persons, PECB will make reasonable accommodations for candidates, when appropriate. If candidates need special accommodations because of a disability or a specific physical condition, they should inform the Reseller/Distributor in order for them to make proper arrangements. Any information candidates provide regarding their disability/need will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Click here to download the Candidates with Disabilities Form.

Exam cancellation

2. Take the Exam

Candidates are required to arrive/be present at least 30 minutes before the exam starts. Candidates who arrive late will not be given additional time to compensate and may not be allowed to sit for the exam. 

Candidates are required to bring a valid identity card (national ID card, driver’s license, passport) and show it to the Invigilator. 

If requested on the day of the exam (paper-based exams), additional time can be provided to candidates taking the exam in a non-native language, as follows:

  • 10 additional minutes for Foundation exams
  • 20 additional minutes for Manager exams
  • 30 additional minutes for Lead exams

PECB Exam Formats:

  1. Paper-based: Exams are provided on paper. The use of electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets, or phones, is not allowed. The exam session is supervised by a PECB approved Invigilator at the location where the Reseller has organized the training course.
  2. Online: Exams are provided electronically via the PECB Exams application. The use of electronic devices, such as tablets and phones, is not allowed. The exam session is supervised remotely by a PECB Invigilator via the PECB Exams application and an external/integrated camera.

PECB Exam Types:

  1. Multiple-choice, closed-book, where candidates are not allowed to use anything but the exam paper and a pen. Usually, Foundation and Transition exams are of this type.
  2. Essay-type, open-book, where candidates are allowed to use the following reference materials:
  • A copy of the standard
  • Training course materials
  • Any personal notes taken during the training course
  • A hard-copy dictionary
Prepare for a certification exam

3. Receive the Exam Results

Exam results will be communicated via email. The only possible results are pass and fail; no specific grade will be included. 

  • The time span for the communication starts from the exam date and lasts three to eight weeks for essay type exams and two to four weeks for multiple-choice paper-based exams.  
  • For online multiple-choice exams, candidates receive their results instantly.  

Candidates who successfully complete the exam will be able to apply for one of the credentials of the respective certification scheme.  

For candidates who fail the exam, a list of the domains where they have performed poorly will be added to the email to help them prepare better for a retake. 

Candidates that disagree with the results may request a re-evaluation by writing to within 30 days of receiving the results. Re-evaluation requests received after 30 days will not be processed. If candidates do not agree with the results of the re-evaluation, they have 30 more days from the date of receiving the re-evaluation results to file a complaint through the PECB Ticketing System. Complaints received after 30 days will not be processed.

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4. Exam Retake Policy 

There is no limit to the number of times a candidate can retake an exam. However, there are certain limitations in terms of the time span between exam retakes.

  • If a candidate does not pass the exam on the 1st attempt, they must wait 15 days after the initial date of the exam for the next attempt (1st retake). Retake fees apply.

Note: Candidates who have completed the training course but failed the exam are eligible to retake the exam once for free within a 12-month period from the initial date of the exam.

  • If a candidate does not pass the exam on the 2nd attempt, they must wait three months after the initial date of the exam for the next attempt (2nd retake). Retake fees apply.

Note: For candidates that fail the exam in the 2nd retake, PECB recommends them to attend a training course in order to be better prepared for the exam. 

  • If a candidate does not pass the exam on the 3rd attempt, they must wait six months after the initial date of the exam for the next attempt (3rd retake). Retake fees apply.

  • After the 4th attempt, the waiting period for further retake exams is 12 months from the date of the last attempt. Retake fees apply.

To arrange exam retakes (date, time, place, costs), candidates need to contact the PECB Reseller/Distributor who has initially organized the session.

Receive Your Exam Results

5. Reschedule the Exam

For any changes with regard to the exam date, time, location, or other details, please contact

Exam Retake Policy

6. Exam Security

A significant component of a professional certification credential is maintaining the security and confidentiality of the exam. PECB relies upon the ethical behavior of certification holders and applicants to maintain the security and confidentiality of PECB exams. Any disclosure of information about the content of PECB exams is a direct violation of PECB’s Code of Ethics. PECB will take action against any individuals that violate such rules and policies, including permanently banning individuals from pursuing PECB credentials and revoking any previous ones. PECB will also pursue legal action against individuals or organizations who infringe upon its copyrights, proprietary rights, and intellectual property.


¹Education refers to training courses developed by PECB, and offered globally through our network of resellers.


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