Become a PECB Certified Trainer

Professional development is what every individual should seek. PECB  will assure your professional development by coaching you on how to become competent in delivering our training courses. 

Why become a PECB Certified Trainer?

There are many reasons why becoming a PECB trainer could be beneficial for you and for the people you will be sharing your knowledge with. Some of these include:

  • Sharing knowledge builds your profile as an expert leader
  • Well paid training mandates
  • Best training material in the industry
  • Opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals from the same field
  • Possibilities to teach worldwide

Be the change with PECB.

Please refer to the PECB Trainer Certification Program for more information.

Check out the Guide for PECB Certified Trainer 

Click the link below to initiate your trainer application. Please complete the form and attach all required documentation:

Become a PECB Certified Trainer