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Joseph Brewer


Aktueller Arbeitgeber: IntegraCept, LLC
Stadt: Buckeye
Provinz / Bundesland / Region: Arizona
Land: United States

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★ Strategic Thinker ★ Business Continuity Leader ★ ISO 22301 Implementer ★ Risk Manager ★ Change Leader ★ Speaker ★ Trainer ★ Learner ★ Executive ★ Lean-Agile ★ Strategist ★ Coach ★ Veteran       Master Business Continuity Planner/Sr ISO 22301 Lead Implementer, with 20+ years’ experience in Law Enforcement, Anti-Terrorism, Military High Threat Operations, Department of Homeland Security Vulnerability Assessor, Risk Management and NERC CIP Compliance Manager, IT Infrastructure Management/Disaster Recovery. Today, it’s no longer sufficient to seek continuity; rather today companies need to be resilient. We aim to build programs that can exceed ISO 22301 requirements while operationally maintaining viability within the organization. Through combined Project, Business Continuity and Organizational Changer Management approaches, we build Programs for resilience. This involves strategic thinking, risk management, exceptional planning, inclusivity with security, legal, and executive teams and more to reach levels of competence. Is your company ready? From internal to external threats; geological to weather; personnel and human, visitors and IT; BCP touches them all, and we work to resolve company’s issues with cost effective and “right-sized” solutions. If you're not already looking at BCP as Strategy, you might be behind the curve. With exceptional experience in IT operations that focus on Data Center and Disaster Recovery Planning & Exercising. I’ve managed multiple clients with the needs from multiple global data center operations, with over 4,000 VMs, Servers, and Applications, to complex BC Software Implementations. PEOPLE-PROCESS-TECHNOLOGY is the key to programmatic results! We work to mature them from cradle to grave, no matter where along the maturity cycle you are. Just starting-we can help! Mature-we can refine! I am a Veteran, retired after 24 years USAF service, and today deploy my leadership, law enforcement and security experience, combining it with my education and IT background to be an all-inclusive results oriented BCP leader. As an innovative and insightful program manager with additional experience in cost control, aerospace industry, and portfolio management - I welcome connection! Speaker, professor, mentor, and lifelong learner, I lean into change while embracing technology! Versed in BCP, BIA, DR, CooP, DRaaS, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, ISO 22301 and NIST800-34. I love living in the forward quadrants! Connect with me today!    

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