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Fadi Salsa


Aktueller Arbeitgeber: Freelancer
Stadt: Abu Dhabi
Provinz / Bundesland / Region: Abu Zaby
Land: United Arab Emirates

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Fadi Salsa is an innovative leader in the field of strategic risk management, governance, compliance, and organizational resilience with proven track record of helping organizations of different sizes build a strong risk, compliance, or resilience frameworks with the highest rate of employee engagement and commitment.   He incorporates principals of agile workshops, gamification, and facilitated drills to ensure maximum engagement of people with the established framework or management system.   He brings over 20 years of consulting, facilitation, and training experience.    Most recently, he created a global business continuity framework for a multinational financial services organization spread over 11 countries.    He has received rigorous education on professional consulting, and he takes pride in providing the best possible consultation to his client so as built frameworks can run on their own after the engagement, revived systems stay functional, and solved problems stay solved.    He is the Managing Director and Chief Advisor at Xertiance.    Had lived in 4 different countries, delivered engagements in 11, and speaks 3 languages fluently. 

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