For those planning training sessions or candidates intending to take an online exam during this period, we will be offering online exam sessions on December 27 and 29, as well as January 5, 2024. You can check the link to online exam events here.

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Detalles del evento

Información del evento

CursoISO/IEC 27701 Foundation
Fecha de inicio2024-07-08
Fecha de finalización2024-07-09
Idioma del cursoEnglish
Idioma de InstrucciónEnglish
DóndeFCMS Consulting - Live Online
Nombre del instructorN/A
Estado del eventoPlanificado

Descripción del evento

This interactive virtual class is organized via zoom with a live trainer. Upon enrolling with FCMS Consulting, PECB shall provide study materials to each candidate during the training. After completing the training course, you can enter the exam from anywhere in the world through the PECB Exams app. Finally, those who successfully pass the exam will be invited by PECB to apply for certification. For quotation to attend any PECB training course, please send your enquiries by email to:

Información de la compañía

Nombre de la compañíaFCMS Consulting
DirecciónGN1315-1811 Appolonia St, Afienya, Tema
CityLive Online
Provincia | Estado | RegiónGreater Accra Region
País del eventoGhana
Código postalGN1315
Correo electró
Sitio web

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