Violation of PECB Certificates

PECB wants to notify that it came to our attention that several companies/individuals worldwide are issuing unauthorized PECB certificates to their clients, including the following:

PECB Bulgaria


Please be informed that PECB is not affiliated with them, and they are not authorized to issue any PECB certificate, nor they are authorized to use our training courses. We have legal steps ongoing with the aforementioned companies/individuals.

We want to bring in your attention that all official PECB certificates are only issued by PECB itself, and not by our resellers, representatives, trainers, or any other company/individual that is working with PECB.

Certification of Individuals: All candidates who take a PECB exam will receive the results directly from PECB examination department. Any other form of notification, announcement, or confirmation is not valid. All candidates can verify if their certificates are valid at the following page:

PECB constantly works to ensure that the integrity of our exams and the professional legitimacy associated with achieving our credentials are not impaired, devalued, or jeopardized. PECB credentials are globally recognized as achievement that confirm knowledge, validate competence and experience, and add value to the individual and society as a whole.  We take our exams and certifications seriously and as such will not tolerate activities that have the potential to diminish the value of our credentials.

PECB takes steps to eliminate any activities that hamper ethical pursuit of the PECB credentials. Thus, if irregularities are discovered, PECB takes steps for resolution including suspension of exam activities or decertification if warranted. To further defend the professionalism and the integrity of our credentials, all our members and candidates are required to comply with PECB Code of Ethics.