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Recognized as a certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards, PECB is seeking to establish a Distance Learning University awarding graduate level degrees with the intend to widen the scope of educational services provided to the public. PECB University offers MBA and Graduate Certificate studies with specializations on the blooming and prosperous fields of Business Continuity Management, Information Security Management, Information Technology Service Management, Quality Management and Risk Management.


As of May 2018, PECB University is officially licensed by the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC), Washington DC, and is thus approved to operate as a postsecondary institution offering MBA degrees and Graduate Certificates. Licensure in the U.S. is a precondition for institutions to be granted permission to commence program offerings and enroll students.

The university began its first academic year in September 2018 as a licensed University.  Although accreditation in the U.S. is voluntary, we understand the importance of it and support this step. On that note, the common eligibility criteria of U.S. accrediting agencies require universities to operate for one to two years prior to seeking accreditation, we remain driven and committed to attaining this goal in due time.

We expect this to be a successful new venture as we present our students with opportunities for academic and professional advancements in some of the most prominent fields of the present day.

MBA Programs

PECB University is a private academic institution offering five field specific MBAs targeting candidates eager to advance their academic knowledge, practical skills, and career prospects through the pursuance of a well-organized curriculum, collaborative approach, and innovative-based learning in Business Continuity, Information Security Management, Information Technology Service Management, Quality Management, Risk Management. The objective of PECB University is to provide high-quality graduate level education and comprehensive services that inspire continual improvement, demonstrate recognition and benefit an organization, a community, a state, or the society as a whole.

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Graduate Certificates

PECB University Graduate Certificates offer candidates the opportunity to build expertise in a specialized area, develop industry specific skills, or gain the required skills to transition to a new field. PECB University is offering seven graduate certificates in various fields, including Business Administration, Management Systems Administration, Business Continuity Management, Information Security Management, Information Technology Service Management, Quality Management and Risk Management.

Did you know that you can apply Graduate Certificate credits toward an MBA diploma?

Completing a Field Specific graduate certificate and combining it with a graduate certificate in Business Administration brings you one step closer to receiving your MBA Diploma, only leaving you to complete two additional courses of your choice and the MBA Thesis.

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