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New Multiple-Choice Exam Format Available!

Featured News 2021-09-17

We are happy to announce that the following multiple-choice exams are now available in the multiple-choice format:

  • ISO 37001 Lead Implementer and ISO 37001 Lead Auditor in English
  • ISO 22301 Lead Implementer and ISO 22301 Lead Auditor in English
  • GDPR – Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) in English

The new multiple-choice testing format allows candidates to assess a wide variety of learning objectives, respond to several items, and adjust similar distractors.

Additionally, this type of testing is one of the most convenient formats due to its high reliability, validity, and manageability.

The new exam format has made the receiving of the test results faster and our clients will be happy to benefit from this great feature.  

For more specific information about the languages available for the exam, and other details, such as all published multiple-choice exams, please visit the List of PECB Exams.

All of our exams, including the newly introduced multiple-choice format exams, can be taken via the PECB Exams app!

Stay tuned for future announcements of other exams transitioning to multiple-choice along with aligned training courses.