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PECB Exams is an online examination application which allows you to take exams from anywhere at a scheduled time, in an efficient and secure manner. With our exam application, designed with the latest trends and highest standards, taking an exam has never been easier.

Flexible and cost-effective choice
Instant and accurate evaluation and faster results
Increased security and privacy
With a global network of Partners and Certified Trainers, and a wide range of training courses, we have worked in developing three different editions of PECB Exams:

PECB Exams: Dedicated to our customers interested in taking a PECB certification exam online by freely selecting their convenient location, date, and time. Candidates taking a PECB online exam using this edition are remotely invigilated by PECB authorized Invigilators.

PECB Exams – ATC: Dedicated to the Partners interested in organizing and invigilating PECB online certification exams privately using their own testing centers.

PECB Exams – Technical: Dedicated to our customers interested in taking technical PECB certification exams online. This edition also allows candidates to freely select the exam location, date, and time. With this edition too, candidates are remotely invigilated by PECB authorized remote Invigilators.

As part of the PECB Exams – Technical edition, PECB Certified Lead Ethical Hacking trainees, during the training course, will have the chance to gain hands-on skills by completing the course practical labs. They will be guided to complete the course labs as well as the certification exam after the course using two different virtual machines (VM). Trainees will be able to access the course labs VM, and the certification exam VM using the PECB X2GO client software.

Powering amazing experiences with our feature-rich exam application

An enjoyable online exam experience

A forward-thinking and eco-friendly option designed to make your testing experience easier. Online exam sessions are available across different time zones. In just a few clicks, you can first create your examination profile and then schedule your online exam to take it from anywhere in the world at your most convenient date and time.

A cost-effective solution

Be aligned with the advancing technologies and demands of the globalized world. Take the most out of our feature-rich platform and use it to facilitate your examination experience. With this online tool, things get easy and you will not have to deal with manual activities.

How can we help you?

You can use the PECB Exams application to take a PECB online certification exam. Please download and login to PECB Exams using your PECB Account username/ID and password 30 minutes before the planned exam start time.

You can find the PECB Exams technical requirements here. The technical requirements are mandatory. Failing to meet the minimum technical requirements might prevent you from joining the online exam session or might cause technical difficulties during the session.

We recommend that you use your personal computer to enter PECB online exams. Depending on the computer and network usage policies in force at the company you work for, you might face technical restrictions to enter your PECB online exam(s).
For more details on how to enter your PECB online exam session, please visit the PECB Exams – User Guide.

If the online exam you are planning to take is open-book, you will be able to access the training course materials assigned to you by the training course organizer. Additionally, if you have used KATE to electronically store your personal training course notes, the notes too will be available to you through PECB Exams.

No, PECB Exams will block other applications from running during the exam.

Yes, a PECB remote Invigilator will be with you at all times during your online exam session. The remote Invigilator will be able to see and hear you through your web camera feed, as well as see your screen during the online exam sessions.

The Invigilator will not provide you with any exam aid. Their role is to ensure that the PECB online examination policy is not violated and provide you with technical assistance if needed to enter the online exam session or during the exam session.

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