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Preparing for your PECB online exam instructions

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Taking a certification exam can often be an exciting and yet anxious experience, so we’ve provided the following overview on what to expect as you go through the process:

  1. Please follow the instructions provided here on how to open a PECB account.
  2. To get all the information about your account including contact information, mailing address and personal information click here.
  3. In order to schedule an exam click here and find the instructions, you need to follow.
    Note: You need to create an Examination Profile and wait for approval.
  4. To view the upcoming exams and detailed information like Exam Session, Exam Scheme, Exam Language, Exam Date, Exam Start Time, Exam End Time, please click here.
  5. To ensure you are able to launch your exam please check if your computer meets the technical requirements specified in this link.
  6. Login at your PECB account and click the “Scheduled Exams” tab to find the PECB online examination rules and policy.
  7. If you have any questions or comments about your account, please use our Live Chat support line.

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