Announcing big updates on KATE

Featured News 2021-06-01

Continual improvement is at the core of our business strategy here at PECB and covers all aspects of our operations. Hence, we work tirelessly to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations in a reasonable and responsible way.

As such, we are excited to announce that we have just released a new version of the KATE app!

The updates are done in all operating systems including here desktop versions (Windows and MacOS) as well as in mobile versions (Android and iOS).

PECB’s software development team has been working tirelessly in making KATE more stable and balanced compared to previous versions. The new KATE improvements include bug fixes, increased stability, and better video streaming for the eLearning courses.

For the users of the mobile version, there are even more good news: The mobile version of KATE will now fully support PECB’s eLearning courses and end-of-section interactive quizzes.

Both the desktop and mobile versions will have:

  • Improvements in design and performance
  • Offline learning by preloading course content
  • Options for selecting the quality of the slides and video-lectures of eLearning courses
  • Enhanced note taking and feedback tools
  • Minimization of distractors through an updated and simplified appearance of the app
  • Optimized video loading and quality based on your internet connection speed
  • Compatibility with previous macOS versions
  • Appropriate redirection to PECB’s Help Center webpage from within the app
  • Explanations for correct answers given upon finishing a quiz
  • Display of the user’s quiz results in a grid

In addition to the updates listed above, the new desktop version of KATE also includes the ability to use a clicker while in presentation mode.

Due to the obsolescence of Windows 7, PECB is discontinuing the general availability of the KATE App for this operating system. Customers should, at their discretion, migrate to the latest, fully supported version of the KATE App, which is KATE for Windows 10.

KATE App for Windows 7 will be available only until September 1, 2021. After September 1, KATE for Windows 7 will no longer be available and there will be no further updates for it. The discontinuation of KATE for Windows 8, on the other hand, will be immediate.

Explore the updated version!