About KATE

KATE is developed to grant our Partners, Trainers, and Trainees digital access to our training course materials. KATE is a freeware application compatible with multiple operating systems, it is also web-based, supporting both our training course content formats, regular format with slides, and eLearning format with video training course sections recorded by PECB Certified Trainers.

Our Partners can use KATE to access the training course content they are authorized to resell.
Our Trainers can use KATE as a presenting tool during training courses organized by PECB Partners.
Our trainees can use KATE when attending a training course in class or when self-studying.
Policies, Terms, and Conditions of KATE

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A user-friendly experience

KATE offers a user-friendly experience, which will allow you to focus more on learning and making this whole experience more enjoyable. Through KATE, you will easily access your training courses as well as download them locally on your device. This will allow you to access the learning content when there is no internet connectivity as well.

Valuable information at your fingertips

You can use KATE to:

Access the regular training course content format and eLearning format (videos)

Download the training course files locally

Store personal notes which will be available during open-book online exams

Submit feedback to PECB

Launch the presenter mode

Select the slide quality and slide loading mode depending on the internet connection speed

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KATE’s primary functions are to distribute access to training course materials digitally to PECB Partners, Trainers, and Trainees. KATE also serves as a presenting tool for Trainers during the delivery of PECB training courses. More details on KATE functionalities can be found here.

Please download and install the version that is compatible with the operating system of the device you are planning to use KATE with.

You can access KATE Web platform by opening the main KATE Web and logging in with your credentials.

Please use the email address linked with your PECB account as the username to login to KATE. You will not be able to login to KATE using your PECB Account ID as the username.

If the certification online exam you are planning to take is open-book, the notes you have stored while using KATE will be available for you to access during the online exam session as well. To find out if your exam is open or closed-book, please click here.

No, KATE is not the application you will use to take your PECB online exam. The application you will use to take your online exam is PECB Exams. If your exam is open-book, you will be able to access the training course materials during your online exam using PECB Exams.

Access to the specific training course materials assigned to your PECB Account does not have an expiry date.

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