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Creating trust for the interested parties on the business security it's among the hugest challenges on business strategy. IT Security provides excessive assurance for secure digital information flow on organization's broader communication.

By adopting the IT Security standards, businesses show their compliance toward the outstanding Security and maturity level.



ISO/IEC 27032 Training Courses

ISO/IEC 27032

Embracing Cybersecurity guidelines according to ISO/IEC 27032 helps you and your company to be prepared for the many cyber attacks that might happen.

The courses below will develop the required knowledge and skills and provide the tools to develop an effective Cybersecurity programme.

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ISO/IEC 27034

ISO/IEC 27034 provides you with guidelines   on how to ensure security into organizations’ applications and the processes connected to them.
This standard provides you with the right competence when working with organizations that are in charge with using, programming or procuring, designing and implementing application systems.

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ISO/IEC 27035

Effective incident management nowadays is a challenge to all types of industries. Learning how to identify, manage and prevent unwanted incidents in your organization is a must.
Our incident management training courses found below will perfectly match your needs for an effective incident management program in your organization.

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By successfully passing the SCADA exam, you will prove your professional abilities of implementing and managing relevant security programs to protect SCADA systems in your organization.

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It is critical to be able to sucessfully test and evaluate the security of IT systems and applications in your organization.
The Lead Pen Test Professional course will enable you to learn and develop the necessary expertise to lead a professional penetration test using a mix of practical, technical techniques and management skills.

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Computer Forensics Examiner

The main advantage of Computer Forensics is its ability to search and analyze a large amount of information quickly and efficiently and identify the crucial pieces of data that can be used to assist in the formation of a legal case.

Our range of Computer Forensics training courses will assist you in learning the key concepts and processes involved in computer forensics processes.

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