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How to raise Anti-bribery awareness

How to raise Anti-bribery awareness

Implementation of an Anti-bribery Management System can affect an organization by making it even more committed to Anti-bribery laws than it is. It prevents bribery risks and the opportunity of being involved in such unethical methods of operating. By implementing an ABMS and getting certified against ISO 37001, an organization proves that it has followed appropriate procedures and established policies to condemn bribery.

Important procedures that top management, governing body and employees should be aware of when planning to establish, implement, maintain and review an Anti-bribery Management system are the following:

  • Scope of the Anti-bribery Management System procedure - The organization shall have a clear scope with Anti-bribery purposes in order to implement ISO 37001. The scope chooses if the ABMS will be implemented as a separate management system or as an integrated management system and its objectives.
  • Reasonable and proportionate procedure - In order to prevent, detect and address bribery risks the organization shall take reasonable measures. Commitment is necessary when confronting bribery risks; therefore, the measures taken shall be appropriately designed and have a reasonable chance of preventing bribery risks.
  • Bribery risk assessment procedure - The organization can choose what criteria to establish for risk evaluation. Bribery risk assessment is important because it helps the organization determine where it needs to focus more in order to prevent potential risks. Moreover, this assessment helps the organization identify what risks should be prioritized.
  • Due diligence procedure - The organization shall take reasonable steps on certain activities in order to evaluate the scope, scale and nature of the bribery risk. Due diligence also serves as an additional control that helps the organization prevent and detect bribery risk involved in activities such as financial transactions, projects, or relations with business associates and organization’s personnel.
  • Training and awareness procedure - The purpose of training and awareness is to ensure that the personnel are aware of anti-bribery policies implemented within the organization. By training and awareness sessions, the personnel will understand their position in the organization and if anti-bribery culture is practiced among them, it will be easier to detect and prevent bribery risk.

For more information on ISO 37001 exams, please refer to the PECB examination section.

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