How to pass ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Lead Auditor exam?

Identifying the departments and units that are crucial to have information security guaranteed will allow organizations to determine the right ISO/IEC 27001 scope for their organization. Understanding the scope is the key in establishing the ISMS. Pay close attention to terminology, details and best practices. On auditing, you need to spot what needs to be in line with standard and what cannot be transcended for further processes.

  • Focus on understanding why does the organization exist, and is the ISMS helping organization on its strategic orientation.
  • Assess whether the organization has ensured that current implementation of ISMS has the possibility to integrate changes that will help on its improvement.
  • Make sure you give the right suggestion to organization on how to proceed in case of any non-conformity, and will that suggestion help them to achieve the organization’s outstanding ISMS implementation.
  • Make sure you have necessary information about the organization.
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