How to Pass ISO/IEC 20000 Lead Implementer Exam?

Getting the most effective performance and satisfaction of the customers are key objectives of many organizations.

The identification of requests and assets are very helpful processes of your business. Through analyzing and understanding the standard, you will not only be informed on how to achieve the best practice and certification, but you will be one step closer to become more successful in your business. By achieving this, you will keep in control reduction of incidents and improve incident management, you will increase customer satisfaction and will gain greater understanding of roles and business objectives as well.

  • Focus on arrangements between the processes within the organization. Prioritize the problems that matter, focus on what is the most important process that needs to be improved, where the change will have the most influence in your organization.
  • Monitor and review the performance against service level targets. Consequently, by taking actions for enhancement and being identified during this process, your services will be improved.
  • Think about the management processes that could happen in your organization and the nonconformities. Identify them, and come up with a solution.
  • Take examples from your own experiences and try to relate them with SMS concepts and techniques, and think what would you do to measure and keep in track your criteria within the organization.
  • Make sure you understand each clause, and relate them by involving your daily business activities. Determine organizational requirements and recognize how to align each action that is taken. Concentrate more on methods and techniques for the implementation of an SMS.
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