Transportation, Telecom and Energy

Transportation, Telecom and Energy indicates the set of activities within the organization in order to ensure qualitative processes and procedures which imply planning, identifying customer needs and setting organizational goals and objectives.
PECB offers a wide range of training in Transportation, Telecom and Energy field for you to be able to help organizations offering qualitative services based on ISO standards in different fields. These training will grow your career potential, improve your job performance and demonstrate that you are a skilled professional.
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ISO/TS 16949

Assure quality in automotive industry through the PECB ISO/TS 16949 Training course

Increase the customer satisfaction by making sure that Quality Management Systems in Automotive industry are being successfully adapted in any organization. Embrace a continual improving culture to meet your desired level of quality.

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ISO/TS 29001

Oil and Gas defines the quality management system for product and service supply organizations for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

Demonstrate your commitment to quality by proving that your products have met the highest quality, and you offer your clients excellent service.

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ISO 39001

Nothing is more important than life safety itself!

Road Traffic Safety guides you on how to improve traffic safety and reduce the number of persons killed or severely injured in road traffic.

Improve the road safety traffic by becoming certified to ISO 39001.

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ISO 50001

Energy Management System helps you improve the energy performance in your business. The aim of ISO 50001 management system is to cut energy costs while improving the business sustainability.

PECB trainings will provide you with the necessary knowledge towards the delivery of an Energy Management System. Gain the expertise and qualifications to achieve higher results with energy management through our trainings.   

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