For those planning training sessions or candidates intending to take an online exam during this period, we will be offering online exam sessions on December 27 and 29, as well as January 5, 2024. You can check the link to online exam events here.

PECB Network

PECB Network

As a certification body for individuals, management systems, and products, PECB network is composed of more than 1600 authorized partners and more than 1400 trainers in over 150 countries worldwide.

PECB Partners

Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) partners are authorized to distribute PECB services locally and abroad to their clients. In order for partners to perform better and distribute PECB services in the most optimal way possible, PECB makes sure to provide all the necessary resources and assistance to its partners. PECB supports its partners growth in the market and also provides them with the fundamental materials needed to succeed in the industry.

Surely, there are plenty of additional benefits if you become a PECB partner such as International recognition, support for sales and marketing, a new source of income without upfront investments, profitable training even with small groups, and quality up-to-date training materials in multiple languages, support, and pedagogical framework.

PECB Trainers

Being a PECB Certified Trainer makes you eligible to teach PECB courses, which are taught only by PECB Certified Trainers. Indeed, there are many benefits becoming a PECB trainer for you and for the people you will be sharing your knowledge with, and some of these include: sharing knowledge builds your profile as an expert leader, well-paid training mandates, best training material in the industry, increase international recognition through in-class training worldwide, participation in PECB webinars with worldwide audience, opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals from the same field, possibilities on teaching worldwide.



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