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ISO 21001 is now published

Featured News 2018-05-03

The International Organization for Standardization has just published the ISO 21001 standard-Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations – Requirements with guidance for use - ISO 21001 standard. Developed by project committee ISO/PC 2881, the recently published ISO standard focuses on the interaction between an educational institution, the learner, and other stakeholders.

How will educational organizations & learners benefit from this standard? 

Considering that educational aspects are in a constant state of flux, changing according to the unpredictable economic and social circumstances of late modernity, this standard will benefit educational organizations the most. They will be able to deliver more impactful learning experiences, in line with the organizations’ mission and vision. On the other hand, learners will receive customized education services tailored to their needs, ultimately resulting in better learning outcomes.

ISO 21001 helps educational organizations build the two pillars of the educational system, namely quality and efficiency. The implementation of this standard helps encourage innovation and the acceleration of economic growth by making available a wide range of field-proven best practices that are applicable to learning providers from all over the world.

Source: ISO