PECB signs a partnership agreement with Anti-Bribery Management LLC

Featured News 2017-06-13
June 6th, 2017 - PECB, the leading provider of ISO standards through education and training services for the learning markets has recently announced a strategic partnership with Anti-Bribery Management LLC to provide its customers with the best practices of ISO standards in Kazakhistan.
"Anti-Bribery Management LLC has a sophisticated, well-built enterprise platform that aligns with our innovative ISO standards," said Eric Lachapelle, CEO of PECB.  "We anticipate both systems to benefit from our aligned strategies to solve important issues for our customers, and within the industry. Following the availability of the Anti-Bribery Management LLC, Anti-Bribery Management LLC’s system we will be able to leverage the same cost advantages for developing turnkey business solutions that integrate into backend systems using ISO standards,” concluded Lachapelle.
The signing of this contract is very important step not just for our company, but for our country too. Because now on the government level our country pursue an anti-corruption policy, which allows us to achieve the new economy and the new civil society. Also, an anti-corruption policy helps our country go up on the «Doing business project» list. During the last few years we keep moving ahead for 5-6 points due to anti-corruption activity that is being conducted in our country. We should grow up a new generation, which «look at corruption with zero tolerance. Introduction of the anti-corruption policy helps us to attain to the new future. It is important to realize, that signing of this contract is a very significant step for introduce this system in the public authorities and another companies. It will change economy of our country.
About PECB 
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About Anti-Bribery Management LLC
Our company will carry out its activities with regard to international certification of anti-corruption management, and in the near future we also plan to audit the maturity of anti-corruption management systems. We believe that our partnership with the PESB will bring many qualitative changes in the fight against corruption.