PECB signs a partnership agreement with Diagnostic and Control Systems

Featured News 2017-01-17
PECB, a well-known ISO standards certification provider, has signed a partnership agreement with Diagnostic and Control Systems. Joint forces will make sure that organizing and distribution of PECB ISO courses take place in Russia with the help of proficient trainers.  
“We are very thrilled to work with our new partner Diagnostic and Control Systems,” said Eric Lachapelle, CEO of PECB. “PECB’s overriding mission is to encourage individuals and organizations’ goodwill, energy and commitment to achieve their goal towards a better and stronger leadership. Therefore, teaming up with Diagnostic and Control Systems to provide ISO courses is an exciting development for our company and we are determined to make a renewed and positive contribution; together we can build strong and values-based society that will benefit this and future generation,” concluded Lachapelle.
“We strongly believe that we have made a correct choice of partner in provision of qualitative services for consumers of Russian market in standardization scope”, said Ms. Alina Kayumova, specialist of international certification department. “From our point of view the principal strategic task of a partnership between PECB and Diagnostic and Control Systems LLC is large perspectives and possibilities of business quality improvement, a betterment of society and human life” concluded Ms. Alina Kayumova. 
About PECB
PECB is a certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of training, examination, audit, and certification services, PECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, IT, Business Continuity, Service Management, Quality Management Systems, Risk & Management, Health, Safety, and Environment. 
We help professionals and organizations to show commitment and competence with internationally recognized standards by providing this assurance through the education, evaluation and certification against rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements. Our mission is to provide our clients comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit society as a whole. For further information regarding PECB principal objectives and activities, visit
About Diagnostic and Control Systems
The main founders of Diagnostic and Control Systems LLC are international company DCS Holding, Great Britain ( and representativeness of DCS in Russia and CIS states ( Holding DCS – RUS has a wide range of establishments based on counseling centers and management system certification bodies under the brand name in different territorial entities of the Russian Federation (information on company representatives you can find on site Holding (certification bodies) provides a wide range of services: assessment and confirmation of management systems for compliance with international and national standards, product and services certification, compilation of technical and permissive documentation, learning of basis of modern training unit of Business training Academy ( training and workshops on management systems and fundamentals of lean manufacturing. More than 500 qualified specialists work in the company.  
Diagnostic and Control Systems LLC - "Your certification partner on achieving success".