For those planning training sessions or candidates intending to take an online exam during this period, we will be offering online exam sessions on December 27 and 29, as well as January 5, 2024. You can check the link to online exam events here.

Information about Annual Maintenance Fees

Featured News 2015-12-01
(1 December, 2015) PECB continually strives to improve its procedures and operations to better align with our partners’ and trainers’ preferences. In addition, professional certification is not just about gaining a certificate that proves the completion of a course; rather it serves as proof of recognition for practice knowledge and professional development throughout one’s experience continuously. From comprehensive training to rigorous examination procedures, one will become a certified professional with respect to their practical experience.
With this in mind, to maintain our credibility and professional certification processes, those who have obtained their PECB certifications prior to December 31st, 2014, will be required to pay annual maintenance fees (AMF) of $100 per certificate to maintain their credentials in January 2016.
Furthermore, because we want to inspire professionals become competent for more than one fields of study, and obtain several certifications which prove their credibility, commitment to excellence and dedication, PECB will make an exception for these individuals. In case one certified professional has more than 5 certificates issued by PECB, he/she will only have to pay $500 annually. For example, if one individual has 8 certificates, instead of paying $800, he/she will only have to pay $500 per year.
PECB Certifications have proven to be effective instruments of confirmation for knowledge, skills and experience in a rapid changing community. By holding a PECB Certification, you will demonstrate that you have the necessary capabilities of shielding yourself and your organization against persistent, changing and undefined threats in a moderately challenging environment over a short period of time.
Credibility on the market and recognition by peers is the true value of PECB certification