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PECB signs a partnership agreement with LLC Syntax Academy

Featured News 2024-04-23

(April 23, 2024) – PECB, an ISO certification and training company, announced that they have recently signed a partnership agreement with LLC Syntax Academy This partnership will deliver significant benefits to enterprises, by providing best practices of ISO standards in Georgia.
In his statement, Tim Rama, the Chief Executive Officer of PECB, said: "We are pleased to continue to enhance our partnership with LLC Syntax Academy by offering more options for the provision of professional training courses. We have always been committed to providing our customers with the best solutions possible through our partnership program." 
“In addition, our professional team and resources will be a great asset of supporting this business partnership,” concluded Tim Rama.


Salome Makharadze, Co-Founder, Syntax Academy
Partnering with PECB marks a significant milestone for Syntax Academy, underscoring our commitment to delivering high-quality IT education and certifications. PECB's renowned expertise in providing internationally recognized professional certifications aligns perfectly with our mission to empower individuals with the skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving IT landscape. This partnership not only enhances the credibility of our offerings but also expands our reach to a broader audience seeking globally recognized qualifications. Our vision with this collaboration is to foster a culture of continuous learning and development, enabling professionals to stay ahead in their careers and organizations to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings and look forward to making a lasting impact on the IT industry together.
About PECB 
PECB is a certification body that provides education, certification, and certificate programs for individuals on a wide range of disciplines.
We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, certification, and certificate programs against rigorous internationally recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit the society as a whole. For further information about PECB’s principal objectives and activities, visit
About Syntax Academy
Syntax Academy, as a subsidiary of Syntax, benefits from the extensive experience and expertise of its parent company, a leading provider of IT solutions in Georgia. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive range of IT courses, which cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from fundamental concepts to specialized areas such as ITIL. With a blend of online and offline learning formats, we ensure flexibility and accessibility for our students, regardless of their location or schedule constraints. Our courses are designed and delivered by industry experts, ensuring the highest quality of instruction and relevance to current industry trends and practices. Additionally, our emphasis on practical hands-on experience equips students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in real-world IT environments. At Syntax Academy, we strive to not only impart knowledge but also to inspire a passion for continuous learning and innovation in our students, ultimately contributing to the growth and advancement of the IT industry as a whole.