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PECB has extended its accreditation scope against ISO/IEC 17024 by IAS with three additional certification schemes

Featured News 2024-01-22

PECB is pleased to announce that as of January 10, 2024, and hereafter, its accreditation scope against ISO/IEC 17024 has been extended by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) for three additional certification schemes, including:

  • IPC Management Systems Auditor, Lead Auditor
  • ISO 28000 Lead Auditor, Lead Implementer, and Master
  • ISO 37301 Lead Auditor, Lead Implementer, and Master

As part of the accreditation assessment, IAS conducted a verification and validation process to ensure that PECB is impartial and objective as a certification body. It also confirmed that PECB’s certification process is conducted in a consistent, comparable, and reliable manner. This process required rigorous quality reviews of PECB processes and its certification programs.

The extension of our accreditation scope for ISO/IEC 17024 with three additional schemes by IAS shows our commitment to provide the best-practice services that build trust, inspire confidence, and show that recognition matters.

To view the Accreditation Certificate, please visit: Accreditations and Affiliations | PECB

About PECB

PECB is a certification body that provides education¹ and certification under ISO/IEC 17024, and certificate programs under ANSI/ASTM E2659-18, for individuals in a wide range of disciplines. 

PECB is a global provider of training, examination, certification, and certificate program services in multiple fields, including, but not limited to, Quality Management, Business Continuity, Information Security, Risk Management, and Anti-Bribery Management.

PECB has earned an international reputation for integrity, value, and best practice by providing this assurance through the evaluation and certification of professionals with rigorous, internationally recognized competence requirements, and now also through certificate programs. PECB’s mission is to provide its clients with comprehensive examination, certification, and certificate program services that inspire trust and benefit society as a whole. For more information, please visit

1 Education refers to training courses developed by PECB and offered globally through its network of partners.

About IAS

IAS is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that has been providing accreditation services since 1975. IAS accredits a wide range of companies and organizations including governmental entities, commercial businesses, and professional associations. IAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure domestic and/or global acceptance of its accreditations. IAS receives funding revenue through the provision of accreditation services, and the renewal of these services, as well as training offerings.  These revenues are further used to participate and engage in developing industry based accreditation programs, domestic and international schemes including participation in standards development. IAS also maintains signatory status in a number of global multilateral recognition arrangements under Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC), International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). IAS is a member of the ICC Family of Solutions. This means that endorsed certificates issued by IAS-accredited entities in these areas have global reach and acceptance. For more information, please visit