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PECB has signed a partnership agreement with Naet Consulting Limited

Featured News 2023-11-28
May 17th, 2023 – Naet Consulting Limited and PECB reached a deal today to offer training courses in Nigeria, guaranteeing that each party will provide top-quality services to customers.
PECB’s CEO, Tim Rama, explained that the partnership aims to raise awareness over ISO standards and how they contributed to the development of Naet Consulting Limited’s culture. “Over the last few years,
the determination has evolved into a lifestyle expression, and Naet Consulting Limited is responsible for enabling the people of Nigeria to achieve this lifestyle," Rama said.
Bright Okorafor, CEO of Naet Consulting Limited
This alliance marks a significant stride towards our vision of fostering excellence and empowerment within the Nigerian workforce. PECB's esteemed reputation as a leading certification body aligns
seamlessly with our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and value to our clients. This partnership signifies a mutual dedication to providing top-tier training, certification, and specialized
programs across diverse disciplines, ensuring that individuals in Nigeria have access to world-class training that enhances their skill sets and propels their professional growth. At Naet Consulting, this
venture embodies our unwavering vision to catalyze positive transformation within the industry, empowering individuals and organizations to reach new heights of success through knowledge and
About PECB
PECB is a certification body that provides education, certification, and certificate programs for individuals on a wide range of disciplines.
We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, certification, and certificate programs against rigorous internationally
recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit the society as a whole. For further
information about PECB’s principal objectives and activities, visit
About Naet Consulting
At the forefront of cutting-edge technology and management consulting, our organization stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a dedicated team of seasoned and celebrated professionals,
we offer a broad spectrum of expertise across various business domains. Our mission is clear: to guide businesses in harnessing the power of technology to achieve their strategic objectives. When you turn to
us for professional advice, you are not just gaining a consultant; you are embarking on a journey towards transformative success. For further information about Naet Consulting’s principal objectives and
activities, visit