PECB signs a partnership agreement with KDENZA

Featured News 2023-02-16
Our team at PECB is delighted to announce a new partnership with KDENZA, which will enable the distribution of PECB training courses in Belgium. This partnership will ensure that the respective companies will give their expertise-based contribution in offering and organizing PECB ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 courses. 
“We're looking forward to this partnership, and we promise to provide our full-time services and efforts on behalf of this agreement," said Tim Rama, CEO of PECB. Our partnership with KDENZA offers us the opportunity to expand our network of professionals in Belgium, as well as to provide our services. "KDENZA has shown its commitment in building a presence in Belgium, and that is very important for this contract,” Rama concluded. 
Silvie Coutuer, Founder of KDENZA
“KDENZA is excited that this new partnership with PECB allows KDENZA to add the high-quality and globally recognized training course materials of PECB to KDENZA’s portfolio. This has the big advantage to KDENZA customers that they can choose from a full range of both informal and formal trainings for ISO9001 and ISO14001. The KDENZA customers can really stand out by receiving an official and globally recognized PECB certificate after successfully completing their training with KDENZA since PECB is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) and United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) under ISO/IEC 17024. 
The no-nonsense, digitally modern, and reliable premium-value approach of PECB aligns perfectly with the vision of KDENZA to provide fun, affordable trainings and practical solutions for organizations who want no-nonsense progress to their Quality & Sustainability goals."
About PECB 
PECB is a certification body that provides education, certification, and certificate programs for individuals on a wide range of disciplines.
We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, certification, and certificate programs against rigorous internationally recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit the society as a whole. For further information about PECB’s principal objectives and activities, visit
KDENZA is a Belgian Training  & Consultancy company for Quality, Sustainability & Business Excellence.
KDENZA helps organizations with fun trainings and practical solutions to reach no-nonsense progress to their Quality & Sustainability goals. The mission of KDENZA is to empower professionals & companies to improve their Business Quality by combining modern digital tools, no-nonsense expertise, a passion for progress and an active view on the latest (ISO) trends. For more information about KDENZA’s activities and training offers, visit