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Digital Transformation Officer and Lead Crisis Manager Training Courses – Available Now!

Featured News 2022-11-17

In a world where knowledge for emerging technologies and crisis management has become a necessity, we are glad to announce that the following training courses in English are available:

  1. Digital Transformation Officer
  2. Lead Crisis Manager

The PECB Certified Digital Transformation Officer intensive training course provides insightful information that will help participants to gain comprehensive knowledge on digital transformation and the steps required to digitally transform a business model, including a thorough explanation and discussion on digital transformation methodologies and approaches. 

The PECB Lead Crisis Manager training course helps participants develop their competence to support an organization in planning, establishing, maintaining, reviewing, and continually improving its strategic crisis management capability based on the guidelines of ISO 22361 and other best practices. Additionally, the training course provides practical examples and scenario-based quizzes that will help you reinforce your knowledge and prepare you for real-life scenarios concerning crisis management.

PECB tries to continuously be in step with the most trending topics and provide its clients with the newest training courses in order to fulfill their business needs and expectations.

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