PECB Embraces a 4-day Workweek

Featured News 2022-02-07

As of March 1st, 2022, PECB will adopt a 4-day workweek pilot program for six (6) months. This means that our offices will be open from Monday to Thursday, and Friday will be off. Customer Service and Online Exams Invigilators will continue to support and provide services to our Partners, Trainers, and Clients during Fridays to ensure there are no interruptions in services. 

The idea of a 4-day workweek has been gaining ground since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, which we believe will have a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of our organization. Employees are an essential component of our success and as such we are following the latest trend that has proven to be effective and improve the well-being of employees, consequently impacting the quality of services. 

We believe that this decision demonstrates the company's continuous effort to provide a favorable environment for its employees. This is a pilot program that we will assess after six months to see the effectiveness and productivity.

In order to be more productive, we will increase the human resources capacities, implement various techniques that increase efficiency through technology, and continue to build systems according to best practices, including ISO standards.

We will have key positions that will be on standby for any urgent requests, so rest assured that this will not impact the daily operations and all our collaboration will continue to work as always.

“We are truly excited for this new chapter in our organization and its future. We strive to improve, therefore, we see this as an opportunity to advance and be up-to-date with all the latest trends that have proven to be successful in the countries that have implemented them. Our need to progress leads to better productivity and cooperation, not only within the organization, but also our network, trainers, and partners, so we can offer high-quality services.” - Tim Rama, CEO

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation throughout the years!