PECB signs a partnership agreement with Hamar Professional College

Featured News 2021-10-18
October, 2021 –PECB, a global leading provider of comprehensive examination and certification services, is delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with Hamar Professional College, a management consulting and training provider for individuals and companies. This partnership will bring expertise and knowledge which will, in turn, expand our ability to provide a full spectrum of services in order for our customers to gain a great value from PECB Training Courses.
“Our partnership with Hamar Professional College will broaden our business, helping our customers stay ahead and add value to their businesses. We see an exciting future ahead in the Somalia market,” said Eric Lachapelle, the CEO of PECB. “We never lose sight of our fundamental focus that is helping our clients build, grow and protect their business. We are particularly impressed with Hamar Professional College collaborative spirit, team approach to and focus on customer service, as well as its consistent growth over the years,” concluded Lachapelle.
Said Hassan, Director, Hamar Professional College
Hamar Professional College is very excited and pleased to be partnering with PECB. This partnership signifies HPC's long term commitment to meet the demand for informal professional training programmes in business and human capital development to fill current and projected skill gaps, ensuring the workers and organisations have the training they require to serve the Somali nation well, which is recovering from multiple, ongoing and overlapping crisis.
About PECB
PECB is a certification body which provides education and certification under ISO/IEC 17024 for individuals on a wide range of disciplines. As a global provider of training, examination, and certification services, PECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including, but not limited to, Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection, Business Continuity, Quality and Service Management, Risk Management, Health and Safety, and Sustainability. 
We help professionals show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, and certification against internationally recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with services that inspire trust, demonstrate competence, and benefit society as a whole. For further information about PECB’s principal objectives and activities, visit
About Hamar Professional College 
Hamar Professional College (HPC) is an approved training provider and is registered as a Social Enterprise in line with the Somali Civil Code, which means that this college was established for the sole purpose of benefiting its trainees and the communities at large. 
With the growing need for skilled and trained professionals in Somalia, the founders of Hamar Professional College took it upon themselves to create a haven where knowledge and skills are exchanged between trainees and instructors and our learners receive internationally recognized qualifications.
Our mission is to build skilled and sustainable workforce or entrepreneurs and improve lives through vocation education, workforce / businesses development, training and skills development that support social and economic success for our trainees, partner / customer organisations and communities across Somalia.
Our training and certification packages are ranging from bespoke (customized) training to advanced courses with maximum duration of three months.
At this moment, we are offering the following courses for our potential trainees: English proficiency training and examination; Professional certifications in various industries including public and private sectors; Digital Literacy Prgrammes.