PECB signs a partnership agreement with Britech Plus+ Enterprises

Featured News 2021-07-29
(16th of July, 2020) – PECB, a global provider of professional ISO standards trainings and certifications, has signed a partnership agreement with Britech Plus+ Enterprises to expand its presence in the Nigeria market. Based on the agreement, the Britech Plus+ Enterprises will begin to provide services related to ISO standards. 
“This partnership addresses a specific market need. Organizations are looking to simplify integration, and I believe that together with Britech Plus+ Enterprises this can be more easily managed,” said EricLachapelle, CEO of PECB. “This partnership brings customers an independent open plan, so they can retain tractability in their long-term training decisions. Therefore, I believe that with the right combination of techniques and services, together we will succeed,” concluded Lachapelle.
Femi Awosedo, CEO Britech Plus+ Enterprises
Britech Plus+ Enterprises is a PECB authorized Partner. This authorized partnership designates excellence, “one of a kind”, partners who have the official right in providing PECB certified training courses, auditing, and certification services in Nigeria. Becoming a PECB authorized Partner would give us the opportunity to further make professional training and certifications available to individuals and Organizations who want to be competent and make impact in their fields, thereby meeting their development and training goals as well as satisfying their customer needs and requirements.  Our vision is to be the leading and number one business and certification consulting firm in every market we serve, rendering first class services in Nigeria.
About PECB 
PECB is a certification body which provides education and certification under ISO/IEC 17024 for individuals on a wide range of disciplines. As a global provider of training, examination, and certification services, PECB offers its expertise on multiple fields, including, but not limited to, Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection, Business Continuity, Quality and Service Management, Risk Management, Health and Safety, and Sustainability. 
We help professionals show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation, and certification against internationally recognized standards. Our mission is to provide our clients with services that inspire trust, demonstrate competence, and benefit society as a whole. For further information about PECB’s principal objectives and activities, visit
About Britech Plus+ Enterprises 
Britech Plus+ Enterprises is a leading business and ISO management systems consulting firm in Africa offering auditing, business advisory services, lean six-sigma deployment, marketing research, project management especially project evaluation and monitoring services, recruitment, and training services.
Britech Plus+'s ISO Management systems training and consultancy services cover ISO 9001-Quality Management System, ISO 14001-Environmental Management System, ISO 27001-Information Security Management System, ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 20000-Information Technology Service Management System , ISO 26000 Social Responsibilities 41001 Facility Management System, ISO 31000 Risk Management System , ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management system and ISO 22301 –Business Continuity Management System etc.. Our gap assessment services, implementation support, readiness check & mock audits, training and certification audits support services are designed to ensure timely certification of organizations that subscribe for our services.
We enable organizations to thrive. We drive implementation of best practices in organizations and facilitate the identification and execution of business improvement programs in diverse organizations.
We support organizations to gain insights into the marketplace, understand their customers and needs of other interested parties through our survey services.  We conduct baseline assessment, opinion polls, impact assessments of programs, mystery shopping (a form of service quality audit), assess social responsibility programs and frameworks, and other research related services.
Our partners, consultants, subject matter experts and specialists are competent, customer focused, result- oriented and are constantly available to deliver first class services in diverse sectors including manufacturing, financial services, oil & gas, engineering, constructions, health care services, logistics, public institutions, agriculture, educational institution, and others.
Britech Plus+ Limited is affiliated with PECB –Professional Evaluation and Certification Board, Canada as a Authorized Partner, TVECERT Certification Services –an CQI-IRCA Approved Training Organization. Visit: