Notice on Unauthorized Brain Dump Sites

Featured News 2021-02-15

The integrity and value of PECB certifications involve the passing of exams by demonstrating independence and ethical pursuit in doing so. Here at PECB, we share core values and beliefs in that not only PECB certifications but each certification is a privilege in itself that must be earned and maintained legitimately. 

It has nevertheless come to our attention that some sites, referred to as “brain dumps”, claim to provide an accurate representation of PECB exams content which prepare for the passing of our exams. Such providers are not authorized by PECB and based on our thorough review process, they do not adequately prepare you to pass PECB exams.

Considering that we constantly work to ensure that we deliver the highest caliber exams and always seek to update our training course material and exam content accordingly, these sites can never keep up with the ongoing changes. We go through a detailed and regular process to review, modify, or completely remove and replace exam items, and always tailor the exam content to fit the constant updates made to our training courses.

That is why you should be cautious when approached by or stumble upon such sites, and avoid them.

We provide Candidate Handbooks that are customized to each training course. This is absolutely the best way to understand where to focus your studies as they explain how to prepare for our exams, outline the areas in which you are expected to be able to perform well so as to successfully pass an exam, and more.