Reconfirming PECB’s Positioning on Discrimination

Featured News 2020-06-18

Here at PECB, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally and live free of oppression. As an international company with a global reach, we want to use this occasion and help shape a better world that is equal for all people. We consider unity to be our ultimate power, diversity our strength, and most significantly, humanity our standpoint.

Seeing the recent events happening all over the world with injustices against race and right of speech, we wanted to re-confirm our positioning which has always been the same and is in core values. We do not remain silent in the face of injustice or discrimination against race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We stand, and will always do, in support of those fighting for racial justice and the end of systematic discrimination and violence which has denied many generations their right to equitably participate in civic life.

Being in an industry of educating and evaluating individuals, it is critical to us that every employee, certified member, partner, or trainer treats others with respect and dignity. As it is stated on our Code of Ethics, “No action taken within our organization shall be discriminatory or offensive, but built upon the norms of fundamental and universal human rights values. Every person should be respected and treated equally regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or world view. We encourage freedom of speech, expression of opinions and thoughts by cultivating a work environment with a strong emphasis for multicultural awareness and tolerance.”

Our shared principles include a commitment to unconditional inclusion. We will always do our part to prevent injustice and promote equality within and outside PECB. We are dedicated to do everything that is of our control to ensure equal treatment, opportunity, for all of our team members. It all begins by making a commitment and taking a stand.

PECB is an organization with a diverse number of more than 1,900 Partners, 1,400 Trainers, and more than 30,000 certified individuals around the globe. Each one of us has a mutual responsibility in inspiring a working environment that is built in dignity, equal opportunity, and reciprocal respect.

We must always rise to resist the injustice of any sort and strive in building a future that is rooted in human rights and sincere equality.