Press Release: PECB offers its first eLearning ISO/IEC 27001 Foundation training course

Featured News 2020-05-28

PECB is pleased to announce the launch of its first eLearning training course, ISO/IEC 27001 Foundation, in French.

PECB’s newest training course delivery format of the training courses (including the newly published ISO/IEC 27001 Foundation, in French) are delivered by our most prominent experts and trainers, and contain both online video lectures and standard PECB training course materials that can be accessed at any time, from any place, and from any device.

The PECB CEO, Eric Lachapelle, in a statement given recently, highlighted the importance of the new training course delivery format: “The objective of this new format, at the time being, is to minimize the need to gather in large groups, which will hopefully help in halting the spread of COVID-19, while for the future, to offer PECB clients the power of ‘‘choice’’ of which training format suits them best.”

During the last few years, the popularity and effectiveness of eLearning have grown exponentially due to its convenient format which offers individuals the possibility of continuing their educational development without any disruption.

In order to ensure flexibility and convenience for our clients, we have now added eLearning training courses, which will be accessible at all times.

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