PECB Course Content Digital Distribution System Change

Featured News 2020-03-09

PECB’s quest for excellence is marked by continual effort in improving the processes for better delivery of services. As we grow, the need to protect our intellectual property has become a fundamental necessity. That being said, we want to inform you about some changes in the process of PECB training course material distribution.

We will soon launch the new version of KATE application. This updated version will consist of brand new features and modified ones. The following affect directly the process of training course material distribution:

  1. The Presenter Mode feature will become available for KATE compatible with MAC OS X computers as well.
  2. Trainers will be able to use remote slide switchers when activating the Presenter Mode.
  3. The function of downloading PDF course material files will be deactivated (case studies, exercises, and exercise correction keys will remain available for download).
  4. Certified Trainers, when assigned with the Trainer role in course sessions booked by PECB Partners, will no longer be provided with traditional download links for course materials in Flash/HTML format. Instead, Certified Trainers will be guided to use KATE for presenting purposes.

Following the launching of the updated KATE application, starting from May 4, 2020, Trainers will no longer be distributed any Flash/HTML5 training course materials for presentation purposes. To ease the transition, we have instead prepared a manual on how to switch to presentation mode: KATE Presenter Mode Video Manual link.

Taking all this into consideration, we kindly ask you to adjust your internal PECB training course administration processes accordingly. This will allow for a smooth transition and avoid any administrative inconvenience for future training courses.

PECB is committed to continually improve its products, services, and processes, and our network is essential to accomplishing our collective goals.