Information Security Management Exams

By successfully completing exams from the Security schemes, you will provide evidence that you have what it takes to accurately manage information security related processes in your organization.





ISO/IEC 27001

Pass PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27001 exam to prove that you are a skilled professional capable to manage any information security threat exposed to your organization.

Learn how to keep the information assets secure through PECB trainings on information security.

Successfully passing the exam demonstrates you understand information security concepts and techniques and possess the necessary knowledge to assist organizations in implementing an ISMS.

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ISO/IEC 27002

Use PECB ISO/IEC 27002 guidelines to help you build confidence in inter-organizational activities.

Prove that you know how to establish guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management within your organization by successfully competing PECB ISO/IEC 27002 Exam.

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ISO/IEC 27005

Completing PECB ISO/IEC 27005 Exam with success shows that you have the skills on identifying, estimating and evaluating risks within your organization.

By passing PECB ISO/IEC 27005 exam, you demonstrate that you understand the correlation between information security risk management, the different stakeholders' requirements and security controls.

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Risk Assessment Methods

By completing our Risk Assessment exams, including the OCTAVE, EBIOS, and MEHARI exams, you will prove your capabilities of using these methodologies in the best ways possible to assess risk in your organization.

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Knowing how to protect information and secure privacy settings in your organization is a must in today's highly technological developing world.

By passing the Lead Privacy Implementer exam you prove that you have the necessary capabalities of taking on actions in regards to the implementation and management of PII.

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