How to pass the ISO 31000 exam?

Read the standard a few times, understand the sections well and get a picture of how the structure and principles are related to the risk management process.

  • To make it easier to comprehend and remember relate 11 principles with a practical example. Never memorize what you read.
  • Understand how the Monitor Model is implemented. Define each component of the framework along with their specific needs and linkage with other risk components.
  • Know a risk assessment’s core process and its flow, focusing on risk treatment types. It is necessary to find inputs such as the considered options and detailed design in the process when selecting the best risk treatment.
  • Determine what controls are in place to enhance gains and prevent/minimize adverse impacts. How effective are these controls? How do we best treat the risk further?
For more, please visit PECB section on ISO 31000 Exams.