How to Pass ISO/IEC 27035 Lead Incident Manager Exam?

Outstanding organizations are very keen to know the processes and possible information security incidents and are highly dedicated on standardizing the process of handling these incidents. In order to have an upstanding system and network, companies need to think wise and come up with the solutions on incident management; otherwise a disruption due to incidents may cause loss of credibility and reputation. 

ISO/IEC 27035 training gives guidance on how organizations should develop an incident management procedure.

In order to pass an ISO/IEC 27035 Lead Incident Manger exam successfully, you should be able to:
  • Identify Information Security incident management objectives.
  • Identify the company’s weaknesses on Information Security along with its related incidents and ensure whether the right directives on handling the information security incidents are given.
  • Understand the difference between information security incident and a disaster.
  • Make sure that communication between departments and employees are built properly, which ensures that information security incident will be handled effectively and efficiently.
  • Prove that an organization will involve its employees on the training and awareness session in order to ensure proper handling of information security incidents.
  • Realize whether the organization has built an approach to continual improvement which leads to better information security incident handling.
  • Understand the importance of incident response plans.
For more information on ISO/IEC 27035 exams, please refer to the PECB examination section.