How to pass ISO 28000 Lead Implementer exam?

ISO 28000 is intended to manage the security assurance across the supply chain operations for logistic based organizations. It helps organizations assess the security environment in which it operates and determines if adequate security measures are in place and if other regulatory requirements already exist that organizations comply with. Applying ISO 28000 ensures a great range of benefits to your organization. It improves the system efficiency of your business and helps you in your outreach to a greater market.

To successfully pass the exam of ISO 28000 Lead Implementer, candidates need to pay extra attention to the following:
  • Identify the main goal within your organization and pay attention to the recordings. Focus on the impact that they will have within your business.
  • Read carefully and understand each clause, and recognize the importance of SMS within the management.
  • Focus on security management system elements, security management policy, implementation and operation, management review and continual improvement.
  • Make sure that SMS offers the appropriate conditions to the stakeholders.
For more information on ISO 28000 exams, please refer to the PECB examination section.