How to pass ISO 22301 Lead Implementer exam?

The main objective of ISO 22301 is to ensure that the organization has the overall capability to manage disruptive incidents. ISO 22301 helps organizations to ensure business continuity in cases when disruptions occur, enables them to ensure minaimum disruptions to their ongoing business operations and consumers.

ISO 22301 provides requirements to plan, implement, establish, and persistently improve a documented management system to prepare, respond and recover from disruptive events when they occur.

Below you can find some tips that will help you to successfully pass the exam of ISO 22301 Lead Implementer:
  • Prioritize the disruptions, and focus on what is the most important process that needs to be improved
  • Take examples from your experience and try to relate them to a strategy which will provide continuous developments
  • Understand what is the objective of achieving the Business Continuity Management System within the organization
  • Identify the other interested parties that are willing to cooperate which will lead to a better understanding of threats
  • Focus on the impact of events that could potentially disrupt operations
  • Establish an appropriate internal and external communications protocol
  • Recognize the importance of monitoring incidents regularly when implementing a Business Continuity Management System
For more information on ISO 22301 exams, please refer to the PECB examination section.