ISO/TS 29001 Oil and Gas - Quality Management Trainings

Further, ISO/TS 29001 is also based on ISO 9001, which contains requirements on error prevention, reduction of variation and waste management from the service provider. These requirements have been written separately in order to ensure clarity and perceptibility. This standard is suitable for all companies within the oil and gas industry as it was developed to ensure quality and improvement within this particular sector.

Why is Oil and Gas Management important for you?

Considering that the oil and gas industry is one of the most exposed to disastrous threats, quality management processes and qualified professionals are crucial to this field. In cases of mistreated hazardous liquids and gasses, severe harm can be caused to people and the environment. Therefore, a high level of operational reliability is vital to this industry to ensure safety and maintenance of smooth operations. This is also beneficial for the organization as it would gain recognition for offering the best products/services in terms of quality and safety. An effective way of achieving this is by becoming ISO/TS 29001 certified, and with your expertise you will assure excellence to stakeholders and improve the organization’s reputation.

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If you are willing to take the challenge of obtaining the ISO/TS 29001 certification, our expert will ensure a valuable experience, whereby your needs will be met and you will become part of our global network.

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