How to pass the ISO 26000 Lead Implementer exam?

Sustainability is a long-term plan, which must follow an approach that has a scope and a timing which is suitable for each business. CSR means building relationship with partners with the aim of increasing credibility and profitability of the company. For the practical application of ISO 26000, there are numerous free powerful and user-friendly tools developed. When answering each question, always put sustainability into a context which is applicable to your organization. Keep in mind the responsibilities of your organization in regards with human rights.

  • Understand what 7 core subjects of social responsibility define. Learn to apply techniques when considering organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues and community involvement in your business activities.
  • Recognize ISO 26000 short and long term objectives and take into account steps needed when implementing sustainable development. Consider the practices, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the rule of law etc.
  • Clearly identify the significant issues and non-conformities, which require a prepared and timely response that solves the immediate problem.
  • Emphasize reasons of agreeing or disagreeing with a corrective action, by providing persuasive and convincing examples.
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