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Edem Glymin

Employeur actuel: Global Secure Solutions Limited | Ville: Ghana

Province / État / Région: Greater Accra Region | Pays: Ghana

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Edem is the Chief Information Security Officer for Global Secure Solutions Limited. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of network, web and Internet security, security operations management, hacker techniques, exploits and incident handling, digital forensics and security investigations. With over ten years of cybersecurity industry knowledge and understanding, his corporate and consulting roles have spanned across the banking, Internet Service Provider, and petrochemical industries. He holds an honours degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Portsmouth. He is a Lead ISO 27032 Cybersecurity Manager and Lead ISO 27001 Implementer. He has  provided security risk consulting and cyber security threat management services including threat intelligence, threat hunting, incident management and response functions in a global IT enterprise infrastructure spanning across the Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa regions.

Spécialistés du formateur et expérience

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ISO 27001

Lead Implementer

Expérience de formation (heures):300

Expérience professionnelle (années): 5

ISO 27032


Expérience de formation (heures):1000

Expérience professionnelle (années): 10

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