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Jean-Luc Peeters


Employeur actuel: N/A
Ville: Overijse
Province / État / Région: Vlaams Brabant
Pays: Belgium

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I thrive by putting my Leitmotif “Always looks at the bright side of life”, to work every day. I build on my positive attitude and my creative, out of the box thinking. Changes give me energy. My high level of adaptability together with my customer and solution orientation, leads me to realize win-wins and long-term relationships. I value honesty, transparency, trust and mutual respect. I want to create a long lasting impact. I apply all this in the field of IT, the details you find here below. I am driven by and excel at the interface between deep technical knowledge and business needs. In my spare time I've a passion about Technology, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Ecological inventions applied in day to day life

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