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Johan van Middelkoop


Employeur actuel: DXC Technology
Ville: Gorinchem
Province / État / Région: N/A
Pays: Netherlands

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Johan is a professional with a broad experience in Quality, Security and Privacy Management. He is a proven expert within the Quality management and Security management area and organizational implementation. His approach can be described as pragmatic and right to the point. “Quality, security and privacy need to be part of the daily operation as well on strategic, tactical and operational level.”, is his mindset. Johan has experience in many different branches. As well in technical and organisational implementations and improvement projects. Some examples are process improvements, PKI environments, SIEM and other projects. But also the definition and implementation of companywide policies and processes, like Quality-, Security- and Privacy policies, Risk Management, Compliance and Security and Privacy processes. The experience from more than 20 years of working in these areas is the reason for providing training. As well beginner as professionals can learn from eachother. That is also the culture within the trainingrooms. Based on everyones experience we will grow in profession.  

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